Sunday, August 9, 2009

Invitation overload

So, I look at OUR blog and realize Terence has been doing all of the blogging! I have of course a million excuses why I haven't, but thought I would take this turn and write about what has been keeping me so busy when I am home.

Warning, this is a "girly" blog so watch out gents!

We are officially 2 months away from the wedding, which stresses me out! One of many stresses includes the invitations.

We decided to make our own, and by that I mean designing the "invitation suite", buying the card-stock/envelopes, printing, stuffing, and addressing.

Besides going to Abe's welcome home from Russia BBQ at the Junyas, today was spent tweaking the invitations and sending them off to mom to check our "etiquette" and grammar, I was never good in grammar class! I also made some stickers to seal the inner envelopes. I know this sounds silly, but I got the inner envelope idea from of course: The Glossy Invitations: Invite Design Basics and also Terence really liked the monograms I came up with, so I had to start incorporating them into the wedding somewhere!

Then I decided that the invitations looked a little too "crafty" so I decided that we must round the corners, I think it adds something fancy. Sounds like a great idea, but with 150 invitations with 3 pieces each that 1800 corners...I might need to rethink this. We got our card-stock from my new favorite paper store in PaperSource. They don't have one in Houston, so we waited till a visit to my sister's in Dallas and went to the store there. We ended up ordering the envelopes online as they were less expensive and I need special sizing with the whole inner envelope thing. I also got all of our stamps at the post office on Friday, yeah!

So once the proofread comes back positive they will be printed, stuffed, and on there way to you!

I will post some pics after everyone has received them (I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise)!

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