Thursday, August 13, 2009

The "Other" Kadlec's

Now this isn't a "The Other Sister" type reference to my family, more like a "this is what the other Kadlec's are up to."

I get emails from my parents and sister daily, but rarely do I see the pics! Here a few I thought I'd share:

Cesilie...she is getting so big! She'll be adorable as one of our flower girls!I think the picture is just so cute with a full mouth of cereal or oatmeal or whatever she's eating. She truly is so cute in every picture, I had to pick one! One day she'll get her "Uncle Shrek" back.

Here is my brother and Cesilie playing at a playground near their house (gonna have to do something about that Mets shirt though. Even though I got it for him, I'm leaning away from supporting them at all anymore!)
Of course my dad being a big kid! I guess he went down after Cesilie. I don't think he got stuck, but I'll let him answer to that!
I would imagine Cesilie took this mom has this "hi Cesilie" look in her eyes...she looks quite happy out at the park.
And to my sister. She has just started at Heritage High School. It's a new school right around the corner. One day we hope she graduates. We should all just hope that she can pass her Basic Addition & Subtraction course...I'm rooting for you Tamara! :-) Haha, actually, she's a hot shot guidance counselor and this is her new office. Not bad either...better than mine, that's for sure!

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