Thursday, August 13, 2009

Italy Insider Tips...

With our honeymoon beginning in 60 days, I am really trying to tap all of my resources online, message boards, travel books, and my Italian friends. I called upon my friend Paolo, and former colleague, in New York for some advice.

With time and/or excursions set for Rome, Naples, Venice, Livorno, Florence, Pompeii, Messina, Taormina, and more, I had many questions.

When I read through all his responses I feel like I got the insider tips about everywhere. The bread in Rome is apparently awesome (which was hard to hear considering we are staying away from bread right now), to only take cabs in designated areas so we don't get ripped off, and visit the Fountain of Trevi, Scala di Spagna, and especially the Pantheon; the pizza is amazing in Naples, we have to go to Pompeii (which we had planned), and try and climb Mt Vesuvius (which we hope we can do...pending no eruption!) plus we need to be aware of the pick-pocketers in Naples...apparently we need to leave our bling onboard the ship; in Taormina we'll have to hit the beautiful beaches, the town on top of the cliffs, the Greek amphitheater, gardino di naxos, Isola Bella, and take in the views of Mt Etna (tallest volcano in Europe); Venice...oye, everything! And so on and so forth.

I now have so much more advice and tips/thoughts, we are going to be better off and likely more prepared! Once I have booked all our shore excursions, determined what train schedules to follow, what museums and historic places we want to visit, etc etc etc., I'll be sure to post. Including webcam links and such, perhaps you'll catch us on one! But for now, I'm just excited that we now have more firsthand advice to go off of. (Plus Debbie's been to Italy twice, so she offers input too...) Why can't we just get the next two months overwith and let us begin our honeymoon!!! Oh and the wedding, too. :-)

Now I'll see what Luca has to offer, and maybe Victoria since she's been over a few times now...

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