Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Astros Lose, Surprised? Don't be...

...yup, the Astros are WINLESS in games I've been to this year! I think all of Houston would be screaming at me if I went to the amount of games as I did last year. Last year I was to 32 (if I recall) and they were 20-12 or so. That was doable. This year...no wins!

When it was 5-0, and the Astros had two men on base, I got up and went for nachos. I tested the jinx...well it wasn't me (I think), because they grounded into a double play and ended the inning. By the time I got back to our seats, there were two solo homeruns hit, making it 7-0!!! Needless to say, the game ended 8-1. They got that one measly run in the bottom of the ninth...after we all left! (Maybe it was me, but 1 run is hard to win a game by!)

Overall it was a fun game, hanging out with the JR and Jenn, Luis, Marc, Matt and Jason. Had fun, just wish they could've pulled off a win. I guess we'll find out if things can change this Friday when Deb and I head to the game. (It's Retro Workout T-Shirt giveaway day...)

Oh, taking the loss today was okay considering we paid $1 for our seats! Thanks JR for taking care of that! Definitely can afford games for a buck! If only we could combine dollar hot dog day with dollar seats...now that'd be a sellout, no doubt!

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