Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Racquetball "Showdown"....more of a "letdown!"

Last year I took up racquetball and I really enjoy it. It's a solid hour, to two hours, of high intensity cardio. It's exhausting and a wonderful stress reliever. Here is a representative picture of a racquetball court:Here are the rules and other information from Wikipedia:

Lately I have been playing with Aaron after we took a bit of a hiatus earlier in the year. He hurt his back, I hurt my foot...we were bunch of 20-something old men per say. Anyways, over the last four sessions I've done well. In the first outing since our injuries healed, I was 5-0. Then we tied, going 1-1-1; with the tie being left at a 10-all situation (we lost the court due to time). Then last weekend we split it again going 2-2 or was another tie. For some reason I dubbed yesterday's match, "the Final Showdown."

Long story short, well, it was anything but. I was a big disappointment out there. Lost the first and second games...found some fortune in the third, but proceeded to lose 2 more in a row. My serves were not doing the same thing as usual (good backspin, hugging the back wall) and my returns were awful! Plus I think Aaron is learning how to hit those "wall huggers" and was all over the low returns. Much of this is mumbo jumbo, but it all equates to some fun on the court.

We are already planning the next match next Monday. This time I will do one thing different, I won't be trash talking him all day at the office. It bit me hard in the end!!!

NOTE: And after linking to the Wikipedia page I found the following: "The serving player must bounce the ball on the floor once and hit it directly to the front wall — making the ball hit the floor beyond the short line otherwise the serve counts as a fault[6]. The ball may touch one side wall, but not two, prior to hitting the floor; hitting both side walls after the front wall is a three wall serve, and a fault." This not only was my bread and butter serve, but an illegal serve! Considering it was an agreed upon "game variation," previous games are not void. All this means is my work is really cut out for me now! I hate to lose! :-)

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  1. Hilarious that your calling a three wall serve good! Sounds like you're having a blast though!!