Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Letdown 2: Racquetball Disappointments

Well, it was another hard fought battle on Monday when Aaron and I went head-to-head on the racquetball court for our hyped (between he and I, at least) rematch! I lost last week badly, losing 4 of 5 games. It wasn't pretty. This time around, I was prepared to defend my honor. I even upgraded racqets, well, I had to buy a new one because I left my old one at the gym and of course, it was lost.

Before we played I was sure not to do any trash talking. Last time it bit me hard. Instead of sending a trash-talking email, I was more subtle. In the Outlook Calendar invite, it read:
"The headline reads "Aaron Gregg tries to defend his ability from last week's miraculous play against the underdog and assumed champion Polish chubster, Terence Kadlec! Tbag has dominated the Polygamist in recent matches but collapsed last week, losing 4 of 5 matches." (not sure why I dubbed myself the "chubster," but I thought it was funny!

It didn't stop there, Aaron came back with his "I'm not trash talking" speech with what....? Oh yes, trash talk! In his response he wrote:
"The Ultimate Rematch of All Time"
Last week the Polish Chubster, Terence Kadlec, was the assumed favorite by only himself, starting his trash talking the week before over the much skilled Aaron "The Lone Star" Gregg. Gregg proved his talent has not been washed away by taking 4 out of the 5 games. The losing Chubster blamed his loss on many factors including losing his racquet the week before, the South Beach Diet, bad ankles, and ultimately Karma. "My fiance started me on this no carbs diet two days before. I couldn't eat bread, potatoes, or have my afternoon energy drink; I was all out of energy. I was also playing with an older, used racquet that I had to borrow from my enemy. It really boiled down to me trash talking way too early, and Karma came back to bite me. It wasn't pretty. I was ashamed to go home to my disapointed fiance and to show my face around the office the next day." Ashamed indeed, he didn't even buy the winner his lunch later in the week after losing the bet. The Pole tries to make a better showing this evening when he takes on the Texan for a double or nothing match. "I feel much better this week than last. So many things went wrong for me and Aaron proved he was the better player. I bought a new racquet and have become accustomed to the new diet I am on," Kadlec said. "I am lighter and more confident. He better be ready!" When asked to comment on the match this week, Gregg said, "I was born ready." The rematch is set for 6 pm for a best of 7 showdown. It will be close, but the experts have Gregg taking all the glory in 6 games.

Debbie's response to all of this, "you guys are retarded trash talkers...girls so aren't like that!" Whatever! Girls are worse!

In the end, I won the last 2 of 3 games, including a lengthy back-and-forth match in Game 4...

In other news, Aaron won 3 of the 5 games.

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