Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"I hope it hits an iceberg and sinks"

Now that's a real quote. No joke. Heard it today!

Our office is without a permanent manager at the moment and while doing an audit for one of my current projects, we got off track. He started telling me about how in Port Canaveral they have to lower one of the gangways to allow for the "crazy new Carnival ship" to berth properly. Apparently the ship's lifeboats overhang the sides conflicting with the current gangways. Being a ship freak, I knew he was talking about the Carnival Dream, our honeymoon ship. I know it'll end up year-round in Port Canaveral come December so I knew that was the only ship he could've been referring to.

Anyways, I said to him, "Oh you are talking about the Carnival Dream. We are honeymooning in the Mediterranean this October on it."

His response, verbatim, "I hope it hits an iceberg and sinks."

I kind of sat there puzzled, in a sort of "The Office" kind of moment when Michael says something classically at the wrong time and moment. I mean ships don't hit icebergs anymore, there are zero in the Mediterranean Sea...but really the funny thing is that THAT was his response RIGHT AFTER I said we were going on our honeymoon ON IT! I could launch into one of the SNL "Really?" skits here. I mean, really? I say I'm honeymooning on it, you say you hope it sinks. Really? :-)

Ah...the antics of work, my own version of "The Office!"

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