Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bridal Shower, Softball Tournament & Fantasy Football Draft

What a busy Saturday it was chalked up to be! Debbie is out of town in St Louis this weekend taking care of all sorts of wedding trial, trying her dress on (as it came in!), and her bridal shower. With her gone, I'm usually given time to relax, clean, watch some movies...not do all that much...however, this weekend was different. I had a softball tournament on Saturday, immediately followed by my fantasy football draft.

Well, the rain came on Friday...and it rained a lot here in Pearland. Turns out our softball tournament was cancelled. I found out when I was pulling into the Independence Park parking lot and it was nearly empty. I pulled out the blackberry and read my email...cancelled! Had I only checked my email when I woke up...I would have known! Oh well, I traded it in for the gym...not as fun, but exercise.

Then came the draft. I haven't done fantasy football in a few years and this was my first time doing a live draft. I typically have done them online. I got in with all the Nasa folks who take it pretty serious...most of them. I had the third overall pick and went with Peyton Manning. Apparently they all don't take the QB so early...whatever, I don't know. I was happy overall with my team. But then again, you never know how someone is going to perform...some will play above their expectations and vice versa. We'll see.

Anyways, Saturday was Debbie's bridal shower in St Louis! All I know is, she had a great time. I'll have to leave any postings regarding the shower to her as I wasn't there.

Less than 7 weeks to go for us!

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