Monday, August 3, 2009

Honeymoon Updates...they'll keep coming, too!

So I have been hard at work at our honeymoon agenda and have some updates. We changed our hotel on the first night to the 4-star Hotel Artemide in Central Rome. We are sooooooo excited to get our honeymoon off in luxury. On it is rated the #12 hotel out of the 1340 hotels in Rome. Here is the exterior:

And one of the rooms:

During our cruise I have added another country to our list! I have read so much about our stop in Monte Carlo, Monaco, to realize we are only a few minutes from France! So, at some point during our 11 hour stop in port, we'll take the train or bus across the border to Nice, Cannes and St Tropez on the French Riviera! As for time, though, we'll likely only get to some of the area. We are also planning on doing the Monte Carlo casino (jacket and tie required for men, dresses for women). Can't wait for our stop there!

Lastly, we finally booked our final night in Vatican City. We are only minutes away from Castel Sant'Angelo, Vatican city and St. Peter's square, Trevi’s Fountain and Pantheon. Yay! We are booked at the Sant'Angelo Hotel. Had to go easier on the pockets, so we'll have to do with the recommendations of Frommer's and tripadvisor (#385).

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  1. Hope the fires don't stop any of your exploring!