Monday, August 31, 2009

Back is almost "back" to normal

Well it's been a week and it looks like it won't be 6 to 8 weeks recovery after all. I went to the doctor three times last week, receiving treatment, etc. I'm using the Biofreeze on my my achey knees, ankles, well...everywhere, because I'm alway aching! Or hurthing myself! Anyways, my back is getting better. I have to reneg, sort of, on my previous statements which I of course PUT IN WRITING on the blog! :-)

Last night I said to Debbie, "I think I want to play softball this season before the wedding." It was a moment where Deb's blood pressure spiked and laid it into me. And with good reason...she is right. (She usually is right...I borrow the statements from my cousin with reference to his wife, aka the "boss.") With the wedding in a few weeks, she's right, I don't have time to play before we leave. So I decided to change my focus to the rescheduled softball tournament on Sep 12th (next Saturday). Her response, "if your doctor says it's okay, then fine, you can play." I was like, VICTORY!

Anyways, I am planning a visit to the doctor later this week or next week. I have been getting back to the gym and into cardio. No weights yet, but cardio. Did 4 mile run yesterday, 6 miles today...and it held up okay.

At work I was telling my colleagues about the "you can play if the doctor says it's okay" and we all thought of the same old Everybody Loves Raymond episode when Ray is prescribed GOLF to get over his sickness (or whatever). In the episode, he asks his doctor for a note because he says "she won't believe this!" The verdict is out whether I ask for a note, but I funny would that be!

I'll keep you posted on my status...I need to get off the Disabled List, it's killing me! :-)

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