Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Astros Win!

It took the Astros over four calendar months to finally win a game that we went to! Granted we've only gone to few, but still...a 1-6 record is pretty bad.

Deb surprised me with game tickets, which was really nice. Probably because we've been so busy with the wedding, plus trying to save for it and the honeymoon. It's been okay not going to games for the most part, as watching baseball in HD on a 46" screen has much to be happy about anyways! (I lobbied against it, but now don't know how we did it before!)

Here we are:
A view of our seats (before the game and the seats got filled):
And during the wave, was really impressed by how well everyone did on it. Many times it is so bad only a few participate, but this time it was rolling around the stadium with good motion. Deb and I paid homage to JR, like always, with his how do I say "girly" way of doing it. We had a great night!
After the game we headed to see Julie & Julia.
I must say I was not thrilled about going from my favorite game to see a girly movie, but overall it was okay. Amy Adams playing Julie Powell was quite funny as it reminded me (and the way Debbie was laughing and giving me those looks) related to her at times. I think my evidence is in her blog posting from last night! :-) But in all reality, she doesn't give herself enough credit. She has made me some pretty incredible dishes that I haven't been able to duplicate when I've tried...the souffle, this one penne pasta with sausage, and ALL her baking! Her baking is insane!

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